Shared expectations

We all succeed when everyone knows what to expect, and what is expected from them. We work with other firms and leaders to deliver the most current and effective advice for your board.

What to expect from our team:

  • Knowledge, expertise, and a passion for governance and leadership.
  • Reasonable availability and appropriately prompt responses to calls and e-mails.
  • Patience and respect for you and your time.

What to expect from our partners:

  • Indigenous Treaty Partners offer a robust Indigenous cultural awareness training program for Board of Directors, Corporate Directors, Management, and General staff. These training programs are flexible and can be delivered online or in-person.

  • Spark’d Engagement  With Spark’d you see your individual and team’s emotional landscape clearly. Unlike traditional employee engagement surveys that focus only on management, Spark’d provides individual reports to employees so they can play an active role in managing their own engagement at work.

What we expect from our clients:

  • Willingness to learn and commitment of time to doing the work required.
  • Making best efforts to utilize support and resources provided.
  • Transparency, access and trust.
  • Planning and working proactively to avoid last-minute deadlines when possible.
  • Patience and respect for us and our time.